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St. Thomas Beach Information


St. Thomas Beaches

volley ballBluebeard's Beach
Known for its excellent windsurfing, Bluebeard's is quiet and not crowded. Sailboarders and snorkelers will find plenty to do here, although equipment must be rented elsewhere. The beach, shaded by coconut palms, affords views of St. John and sailboats making their way between the islands. Location: Adjacent to The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas, at the end of Bluebeard's Road (Route 322), which branches off Route 30 near Red Hook.

Coki Beach
Located next to Coral World, this little beach is popular among locals and tour groups, where the waters offer excellent snorkeling and a great opportunity to learn scuba diving.

Hull Bay
This is a tranquil strand on the northern shore. The bay serves as an anchorage for local fishermen, and surfers enjoy the rougher waters along the bay's western tip. Along the shaded beach, however, the water is usually placid and pleasant. There's a nearby bar and restaurant where you can refresh yourself with cool drinks and delicious food. Location: On the north shore, just west of Magens Bay.

Limetree Beach
This picture-perfect beach runs along a natural cove. A concessionaire rents water-sports equipment. It is also a popular spot for iguana watching. Location: East of downtown, next to Morningstar Beach.

Magens Bay
Deeded to the island as a public park, this beach has been named one of the world's most beautiful on many lists. Covered picnic tables, showers, dressing rooms, a boutique, a snack bar, a pizzeria, full-service bar and snorkeling and small sailboat rentals are available. Admission is $1 per car, $1 per person and 25 per child under 12. Location: At the end of tree-shaded Route 35 on St. Thomas' north shore.

Morningstar Beach
Morningstar is not only one of the most attractive beaches in the Virgin Islands, it is also truly unique, providing everything you need for a comfortable, fun day. Rent a lounge chair and umbrella for the day and sit back with a cool drink from one of the two full-service bars. When the spirit moves you, rent some snorkeling gear and explore the reefs at either end of the beach. For a little more action, you can sharpen your skills on a Sunfish or learn to windsurf from a certified instructor. The beach offers a vantage point from which to watch sailboats and cruise ships glide past the eastern point of St. Thomas' harbor. Location: Marriott's Frenchman's Reef Beach Resort, relatively close to town.

Sapphire Beach
A favorite of windsurfers, the beach has fine white sand and beautiful views of St. John and offshore cays, and offers excellent snorkeling at the reef to the east, near Pettyklip Point.

Vessup Bay
A gorgeous white-sand beach, interspersed with clusters of rocks, curves its way along this bay; seagrape trees, cacti and century plants provide a tropical backdrop. For an invigorating outing, walk the length of the beach, climb the rocks or wade around them. Water-sports equipment can be rented from a concessionaire at the populated end of the beach. Location: At the end of Bluebeard's Road (Route 322), which branches offbikini wade Route 30 near Red Hook.

One of the best all-round snorkeling sites is found along Cane Bay, on Route 80, on the north shore of the island. On clear days you can swim out 150 yards to the drop-off and look hundreds of feet down a wall. Fish and coral formations are in abundance here.

North of Frederiksted the exposed coral has washed smooth and created small pools that teem with sea life. One called "Monk's Baths" is found a half mile before the north end of Route 63.

Christiansted harbor also offers snorkeling. Just to the right of the swimming area at the Hotel on the Cay beach, clear calm waters reveal all kinds of small fish, coral and even seahorses!

East of Christiansted at the hotel. Non-guest fee $4 for use of the beach and changing facilities. Towels for hotel guests only. Watersports, snorkeling, beach bar.

Cane Bay
Northside along the coast on Route 80. Sandy beaches, shade and snorkeling off the reefs close to shore. Dive center, bar and restaurant nearby.

Chenay Bay Beach
East of Christiansted on Route 82. Restaurant and bar at Chenay Bay Beach Resort; also sandy beach, hammocks, beach chair and kayak rentals.

Colony Cove Beach
Artificial tire reef near shore, full natural reef with excellent snorkeling. Check with front desk for admission to beach.

Columbus Landing Beach
The historic site of the 1493 landing of the fleet of Columbus on Salt River. Access by road to the left of the marina. Public land. Minimal facilities.

Cormorant Beach Club
West of Christiansted. Fine palm-fringed, sandy beaches, restaurant and bar; also snorkeling, water sports center. Watch for undertow in rough seas.

Cramer Park
Public beach at the end of Route 82. Recently renovated changing rooms; bathrooms; limited facilities.

Hibiscus Beach Hotel
West of Christiansted. Palm-fringed sandy beach, snorkeling. Watch out for undertow in rough seas. Restaurant and bar.

Hotel on the Cay
Across from Christiansted by ferry ($3 charge). Full water sports facility including parasailing, wave runners, wind surfers, snorkeling. Restaurant and bar.

Reef Beach
East end of the island at Teague Bay on Route 82. Duggan's Reef restaurant and bar.

Sandy Point
Lovely, secluded beach in southwest corner of St. Croix. Open weekends, recommended for groups only. No facilities.

Shoy Beach
East of Christiansted. Turn right at gate to the Buccaneer Hotel; after checking with guard, proceed to parking at the end of the road. Path to fine sandy beach. No facilities.

Sprat Hall
North of Frederiksted on Route 63. One mile of beach. Beach use fee $2. Beach chair rental. Beach restaurant and bar.




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